Sailent Features

  • Integrated +2/+3 Science Teaching with Engineering and Medical Coaching.
  • Integrated coaching for +3 Science(Bank PO/IAS/NEET/IIT/JAM/JEST etc).
  • Integrated +2 Commerce Teaching with CS / CA coaching.
  • Experienced, skilled, dedicated and expert faculty members deal with integrated teaching.
  • OMR computerized correction using ADF Scanners to ensure high speed and error free evaluation followed by sms service.
  • Weekly / monthly examinations, computerized performance analysis and appraisal system followed by regular parent-proctor
  • Block wise study material for every subject and provision of regular doubt clear classes.
  • Well- Equipped laboratories, ventilated classrooms, audio visual teaching aids, exposure to periodicals, Science Journals and
    well-furnished library.
  • Scientifically accepted co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to ensure Fresh, Healthy, Competitive and Stress free mind.
  • Regular career counseling, guidance and information towards the career building.
  • Various concentration building measure like yoga and meditations to improve study skill, to refine sense of morality and discipline.
  • Provision of encouragement for examination toppers.
  • Session end practice test series (PTS) and very similar tests series(VST).
  • Academic and attendance progress review at the end of every day.
  • Emphasis given on Regular Practical Classes and regular tutorial classes to eliminate doubts of students.
  • Syllabus completion is ensured much before final board examination to facilitate students for good preparation.
  • Library comprising of high volume of referral standard textbooks.
  • Extra classes / coaching classes are conducted on Sundays / vacations / holidays if essential.
  • Board band internet facility for students.
  • Uniform dress code for students as well as staff members to feel sense of united ness and integrity.
  • Campus of pollution free environment.